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Netgear X10 Nighthawk

How to set up the Netgear Router?

The world's fastest wireless router was introduced by the Netgear. Netgear routers took wireless networking to whole different level from delivering high bandwidth HD video to online gaming, from setting up the highest QOS for the devices to updating the plex media server. Netgear WiFi Routers give you the widest range of speeds and features to meet your home needs for Internet and other things.
It is very easy to configure. There are 2 ways to configure the router on your own.

(1) Hardwire

Netgear Nighthawk X10
Netgear Router Login

(2) Wireless.

Hardwire Method: -

Requires modem, 2 ethernet cables, netgear router and computer.

Please follow the steps to configure the Netgear router.

1: Connect the ethernet cable (CAT5) from modem to the internet slot (WAN) of the Netgear router.
2: Connect the second ethernet cable from the ethernet slot (LAN) of the Netgear to the computer.
3: Once the connections are made then restart the modem and wait for the modem to start.
4: Restart your Netgear router and wait for the lights to turn it on.
5: Open the browser and try to login with Or try the IP address
6: Follow the instructions on the setup wizard to complete the installation of the Netgear router.

Wireless Method:-

Require's modem, 1 ethernet cable, netgear router, wireless device (computer, mobile or tablet).
Steps need to follow is:-

1: Make a hardwire connection from modem to the netgear router on the internet slot (hardwire connection refers to connecting the ethernet cable from modem to router).
2: Restart your modem & netegar, wait for the lights to completly on.
3: Connect your wireless device (such as pc, mobile phone, tablet) to the wifi. The network name and password is mentioned on the label of the netgear router.
4: Once connected try to open the IP address Or try to login
5: The setup wizard will run, follows the instruction to setup the Netgear router.

Netgear Nighthawk Tri Band Smart wifi router.
netgear router login

Setup Wizard Options.

The setup wizard helps you to configure the router at the initial phase. you need to log in with Or to run a setup wizard while installing the router for the first time or after reset.

1: After checking the internet connection setup will ask you to choose the operation mode on the router.

(1) Router Mode

(2) Access Point

Both the options are under Let me choose.
Do not select help me choose option because sometimes it setup router on Access Point Mode. Always select Router Mode to set up the router.

2: Next option will ask you to disable an existing wireless setting. select No.

3: Next step will be setting up the Admin account settings. Username is admin which is by default and can't be changed however the default password can be changed moreover you can also select the security question in order to reset the admin password if you forgot in the future.

4: Select next once you will get your wireless network name and password window.

5: Update the Netgear router firmware if there is a need to update.
this step will automatically detect the firmware version.

Once updated try connecting your device and enjoy the Netgear router and its feature on all your devices.

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